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ONLY FRIENDS [Feb. 9th, 2006|03:31 pm]
Source For Nirvana Audio and Video



welcome to this small nirvana sharing community, we share audio bootlegs and video and we upload them by www.megaupload.com , www.yousendit.com, http://rapidshare.de/ or even www.sexuploader.com xD or any other you wish. we would like that every user could upload at least a song every once in a while   it doesnt have to be nirvana, it could be something related ( foo fighters, grunge, etc. )

we dont have that much rules like other communitys were you get banned for little stupid things, haha the only rules we have are:

1. Every user has to at least share something everyonce in a while.

2. be friendly with other users.

3. comment when someone uploads even if it's only a "thanks".

4. and if you post something please post in "only Friends"

5.and most important of all...enjoy 

to enter this community..."well here come the dumb part", tell us why do you want to join and and why do you like nirvana =P " yes i know it's stupid  "